La Friperie du Village: Pointe Claire Village’s Best Kept Secret

La Friperie du Village is a consignment store located in Pointe Claire Village that offers customers a unique experience when shopping. It’s got everything. Consignment clothing, shoes, designer bags and accessories. The business started when Tanya Hansen had the idea to open her own store after consigning her own clothing since the age of 16. Along with her husband, Olivier, the duo, who live in Beaconsfield, found an opening in Pointe Claire Village and saw the opportunity to make Tanya’s dream of having her own store a reality.

“The clothing business is the second most polluting business in the world,” says Olivier, “we are really into recycling at La Friperie du Village.”

With over 350 consigners, Olivier mentioned to us that many of them come in to recycle their goods through consignment, and then get paid or use the store credit to make another purchase in store.

The boutique is unique in the sense that it provides shoppers with an entirely different consignment experience. Instead of simply purchasing a product online, the shoppers have the opportunity to come into the boutique and literally touch, feel and try everything in the store.

“Everything is hung up on the walls and not behind glass,” says Olivier. “We have people coming in from as far as Ottawa and Quebec City just to try our bags.

Through word of mouth, the little boutique filled up quickly and continues to grow on a daily basis. What started off with two luxury bags in store, quickly became their niche and with the help of social media, La Friperie du Village is now known to be the luxury consignment bag store in Montreal with one of the largest inventories available.

The consignment store also provides its clients with unique services like Entrupy, a company based out of New York City, which specializes in the authentication process of designer goods. La Friperie du Village was the first store in Montreal to provide this service for its consigned bags and luxury items, as well as for customers who purchased bags elsewhere and want to check the authenticity of their goods.

“We take pictures of the bags with our machine and send them live to New York,” says Olivier. “The pictures check every fine detail on a microscopic level and then we get a yes or no answer back almost instantly. We also provide a certificate of authentication”.

The store receives between 5 to 15 new bags a week and have the same volume in sales. In addition, North American comparisons are made as they check price points with 10 of the largest stores and always make sure to price below competition.

For more information on consigning or to make a purchase visit the store at 304 Lakeshore Dr. or check them out online at or on Instagram @lafriperieduvillage. Call or email the store for more details and hours of operation at 514-467-1875 or

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